Can You Keep A Secret?
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Part 1 So I had an epiphany and realized that most people who saw Alison the night she “disappeared” are winding up dead. Ian - dead
Garrett - dead
Mrs D - dead And there have been attempts on other people who saw her like Toby with the explosion at the Cavanaugh house, Jenna when she was hit on the back of the head, Jason during the elevator incident.

Part 2 I think these people know something significant that Ali is hiding. What that something is we don’t know. After tonight’s episodes reassures that we can’t trust anything Ali has said to anyone, especially in 4x24 because we know Ali is willing to say anything to make herself look better and sell the story

MY THOUGHTS: I love this! On this show, it’s like..almost two sides to everything..two ways to interpret things. What if Ian, Mrs. D, Garrett were killed because they saw Alison doing something that night…or saw A do something that night and A or Alison killed them?

What if they each were killed by different people? It’s a lot to consider! *sigh* lol

I think Alison blew up the Cavanaugh house to hide whatever Shana send Jenna (That’s why she sent retrieve it.) I don’t think she was trying to kill Noel, she can’t afford to kill him, she needs him. 

I think what she told us in 4x24 was not the entire truth, Alison never tells the whole truth or even close to a half. It’s strictly need to know. That being said, Alison seems goal orientated. Alison is trying to figure out who A is (But they’re prob. going to discover BW’s identity instead) She’s reduced to taking drastic measures to find out A’s Identity’s with her elaborate plans….she’s doing what she has to do..even if it crosses the line and I can understand that. 

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